Put an end to irritated skin after shaving!

Say goodbye to razor burn –
protect yourself against inflammation and razor burn

BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray protects your skin! We all know the problem, regular shaving can make the skin sensitive, causing it to get inflamed and small red bumps to appear. Our BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray offers effective protection against this.

It doesn't sting when applied and even calms irritated skin thanks to the addition of aloe vera and provitamin B5.

  • No alcohol or perfume
  • Prevents inflammation and razor burn
  • Dermatologically tested

The spray can be used on any part of the body, multiple times a day.
Find out for yourself!

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Icons Aloe Vera und Pro Vitamin B5

How does the


Does your skin get irritated after shaving?

Shaving is part of most people's daily routine. But it can also leave your skin feeling sensitive, making it prone to irritation and razor burn. And if you work out on the same day you shave, the extra sweat puts your freshly shaved skin under more strain. It's an unpleasant feeling. But more importantly, it can also limit your performance.

BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray can help!

Simply spray directly onto your skin after shaving. You can spray it over large areas of skin without having to rub it in. It soothes and cares for irritated skin thanks to the added aloe vera and provitamin B5.

Shave without worrying about irritated skin

The spray prevents irritation and cares for your skin after shaving. Say goodbye to razor burn and inflammation after shaving with our BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray.

Our promise

of quality

Outstanding skin compatibility and quality are at the heart of everything we do. This is our promise to you!

All of our products are subject to numerous quality tests – these are carried out internally, externally and by different organizations. And we think we have an excellent track record here. Test our products and see for yourself.

  • Breathable
  • Does not clog pores
  • Resistant & ultra long lasting
  • Water & sweat resistant
  • Safe for wetsuits and multifunctional clothing
  • Dermatologically confirmed
  • Easy & precise application
  • Ideal for hot & cold temperatures
  • Protects without disturbing
  • For all body regions
  • Perfect for on the go
  • Different product sizes
  • No alcohol, no perfume
  • No burning
  • Odorless
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Moisturizing
  • Kind to skin
  • Made in Germany
  • Safe, high-quality ingredients

Where to buy?

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With aloe vera

... as a moisturizer

Aloe Vera, or rather Aloe Vera gel, is reputed to have healing properties. The plant is also frequently used as a moisturizer in cosmetic products. As an ingredient in pjuractive BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray, Aloe Vera nourishes your skin after every shave.

With provitamin B5

... for skin rejuvenation

In addition to Aloe Vera, pjuractive After Shave Spray also contains Provitamin B5, also known as dexpanthenol or panthenol. This valuable additive can have hydrating, anti-inflammatory and healing effects. This helps to soothe areas of irritated skin and protects skin by providing sufficient moisture before it dries out.


Your questions


What happens if BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray comes into contact with irritated skin or open wounds?

BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray is completely harmless if it comes into contact with irritated skin or open wounds.

Is the BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray moisturizing?

Due to the aloe vera and provitamin B5 it contains, our BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray moisturizes skin that has been irritated by shaving.

Is the BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray sweat resistant?

Just like 2SKIN, the BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray is not affected by sweat once it has been applied.

What happens if you get BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray in your eyes?

Nothing. Nevertheless, you should flush the affected eye with plenty of clear water. Make sure that the water is not too cold.



Julia Fischer – (28) from Berlin, Germany

"I always used to have problems with razor burn. It was very unpleasant, especially in summer. Now, thanks to pjuractive's BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray, I've finally found a product that provides effective relief. It also leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. What's more, I can work out immediately after shaving without any worries at all."

Andreas Liebig – (29) from Aachen, Germany

"Finally, my skin doesn't get irritated after shaving thanks to the After Shave spray from pjuractive. Any problems with pimples and inflammation are a thing of the past for me now."

Sascha Engel – (35) from Freiburg, Germany

"I was immediately impressed with the After Shave spray. It doesn't contain alcohol and perfume so it doesn't burn when you apply it. In fact, it even soothes and cares for your skin. I have to shave almost every day for my sport and so I always used to have problems with irritated skin and razor burn. But all that's gone since I started using pjuractive's After Shave spray."

Do you need extra protection

when working out?

Whatever activity you're doing, our innovative pjuractive 2SKIN protects against chafing and blisters. Simply apply to problem areas before you start and put an end to unwanted friction.


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